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Manage a dynamic product list through the E-commerce back-office. Whether the shop has one product or thousands, this incredible administrative interface let's you manage the most complex inventory easily with one-click updates. Import and export quickly, set attributes, sort products, bulk discounts, and much more. Managing products has never been easier with E-commerce.

Catalog Management

Inventory Management

Effectively manage a large set of products with bulk uploads and updates. Easily make changes to product attributes with one click of a button or change products individually. E-commerce is equipped to take a manufacturer's product list and upload the entire file directly to the shopping cart. Easily upload Excel files and watch a store come to life.

Choose the Number of Products per Page

Choose how many products per page and which characteristics are displayed. The E-commerce back office allows merchants to easily enable and disable certain preferences such as, when the "add to shopping cart" message should not be visible, or how to display products "out-of-stock". Customize specific attributes and decide which attributes will be displayed on a specific page.

Sell Downloadable Products

Selling downloadable products such as software, music, pictures, movies, or T.V. shows? Business Owners have many available options to better manage these products, starting with the ability to display them as part of the product's description, to making them available as a download or as an email link once the purchase as been completed.

Unlimited Products, Categories, and Attributes

Easily organize your categories, products, and attributes. There are no limitations in the quantity of categories, products and attributes that you can display and sell in your store. An attribute would be a specific configuration for a product, such as size, color, and etc. Prices, weight and other specifications can be adjusted dynamically based on the selection.

Product Comparison

Subtle differences can make deciding on a specific product difficult when a variety of choices are available. Comparing products, options, and features side by side removes the guess work away from the customer, and facilitates its research, improving the time, and odds of adding the selection to cart. This is a great feature to support a purchase decision, and is a must to augment conversion rate for certain businesses.

Powerful Layered Navigation

Layered navigation organizes categories and products on every page of your e-commerce site so that customers do not need to click the back button in their browser. They can simply find a category they are interested in and click directly to the product from the navigation bar. E-commerce's layered navigation not only makes catalog browsing easy, it is completely SEO friendly. Each URL in the layered navigation is customizable to place product names, colors, etc. This allows customers to type in a specific product in the search engines and land directly on your product page.

Advanced Stock Management

For greater efficiency, E-commerce v1.5 includes an inventory management tool allowing merchants to discern physical stock and available quantities. Now you will be able to manage your physical stock in various warehouses, generate supply orders and have a view of your inventory through clear and specific interfaces. This inventory management tool will be natively compatible with the new multi-store feature. Finally, for flexibility in managing customer orders, partial deliveries will now be available.

Product Displays

Offer Multiple Images of Each Product

You probably have a variety of great photos to display to interested customers. E-commerce allows you to place as many product photos as you like. Great photos help customers make decisions and allow you to show all angles of a product. Offering numerous photos increases conversion rates and keeps customers "out of the dark."

Send to a Friend

Let customers send their favorite product to a friend. It not only boosts exposure for your online store but let's customers interact with your shop. Customers can e-mail a product or send it via their favorite social networking site. Allowing customers to send to a friend is a great way to get others promoting your products.

Product View - Grid or List Option

Scrolling through products has never been easier. Your customers can now seamlessly switch product views from grid to list to simplify their shopping experience and increase your conversion rate.

Powerful Navigation with Rich Menu

E-commerce includes powerful rich menu navigation in the default theme. The customization options and professional design of this advanced menu lets you offer your customers and easier, user-friendly navigation.

Site Management

Administration Permissions and Users

You can create as many users as needed with specific permissions set for each user. Perhaps you want to only allow a user to edit products or view order statistics, E-commerce allows you to set specific settings for each user. This feature creates a secure store while giving access to those who need it.

Fully Customizable Design Using Templates

E-commerce comes with a great basic template that can be customized to your needs. All templates are completely customizable from A to Z. You can also download two alternative free templates from the E-commerce Addon store. Still want more? E-commerce provides numerous templates. You can choose depending on your industry or design preferences.

Customize Logos on an Invoice, Favicon and Header

Make sure your site is well branded with your company and leave a lasting impression with customers. Upload your logo in the back office and choose to place it on your header, invoice, and favicon.

Edit Content through the CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to easily edit pages of content, upload images, and more. Create pages for your contact, company, and policy information through the E-commerce back office. You can also set different user permissions to allow others to edit informational pages.


Search Engine Friendly

E-commerce combines all the features necessary to improve SEO efforts. From keyword tags to customized URLs, optimize your store using back office settings and you will see an increase in rankings without doing external linking.

Meta Information for Products and Categories

Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords are used to optimize a site for increase visibility and rankings on major search engines. Place keywords and product descriptions in the dedicated fields of the E-commerce back office and your store will climb the search engines in no time.

Tags for Each Product

Tag products with keywords easily through the back office. Tags help you increase rankings for each page. Placing relevant keywords keeps visibility and traffic increasing.


One-page Checkout

Online shoppers are looking for the quickest way to check out and E-commerce allows you to make it easy for customers with a one-page checkout. Your customers will enjoy the simplicity of checking out and shopping cart abandonment will reduce. Boost sales conversions and enhance user friendliness with E-commerce.

Saved Shopping Carts Configured with Expiration Time

Give your customers some time to think and increase your conversion rates. Customers can keep items in their carts and you can configure a time when the items are removed. Customers will not need to browse your catalog again, they just click on "Order".Your customers save time and your sales increase!


Shipping Discounts

A customer is always pleased to get free shipping. You can set multiple incentives on shipping fees such as, offering a % or a fix amount off shipping for purchases over a certain amount. Customers will order without hesitation. You can also offer shipping discounts according to the destination or weight.

Fees by Price or Weight

You can set up your shipping fees according to the price or the weight of the products so the fees are calculated exactly the way you want. For each carrier you work with, you can set different prices and weight ranges, so you always offer the best shipping rates to customers.

Separate Billing and Shipping Addresses

E-commerce allows your customers to give 2 different addresses for billing and shipping, so they can easily send items as gifts.

Analytics and Reporting

Track Visitors

Find out what your visitors are looking for and where they come from. E-commerce provides powerful statistical data that allows you to identify customer profiles, track visited pages, categories, and products.

View Customer Profiles

Tracking your site's traffic is great; knowing who your customers are is even better! Understand demographics to tailor messages toward their preferences. View their age, gender, favorite products, and more.

Track Orders and Sales

Track all orders and overall sales directly from your back-office. View what day you passed sales goals and which days were not performing well. Follow your store's sales performance and monitor promotions from your back office. E-commerce makes it easy to keep track of your success.

Catalog Statistics

Track your customers' favorite products thanks to E-commerce's advanced catalog data. You can also view statistics on how your content is performing. Observe how your products are resonating for customers, including the quality of photos. In one click you can check out your best sellers and top categories.

Affiliate Statistics

Where do your visitors come from? Who are your best referrals? Check out your traffic origin at a glance thanks to detailed charts in E-commerce's statistics tab. This helps you to follow day after day who is sending the most traffic and optimize your efforts accordingly.


With E-commerce, you have a comprehensive, customizable and user friendly dashboard that displays all the important information about your online shop, in real time!


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